Anthony Karydis (BSc, Electronic Engineering, University of Sussex, MSc, Aeronautics, Cranfield), founder and Managing Director of London-based Mativision Limited, has 30 years of working experience including developing software for fighter aircraft simulators in France, managing multi-national European R&D projects, lecturing on Digital Media related subjects at University level and managing high-tech companies. He invented Mativision, end-to-end technologyfor production & distribution of interactive360-video and VR/MR experiences, used by global clients including Viacom/MTV, Samsung, Facebook, Google,Fox, Universal, Vodafone, Novartis, Unilever, Jeep, Coach and others. In 2016, Mativision executed the world’s first live stream of a live surgical operation and then launched VLIPP med, a global VR-content distribution platform for Medical Training (100,000 installations worldwide). He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, holding its highest distinction of Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist (ASIS/FRPS), Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, member of the Royal Television Society and has a passion for cats, Jazz & blues music, electric guitars and vintage UK and Japanese motorcycles.