La Roma Records

César Sánchez is the founder of La Roma Records, a record store located in Mexico City that, in addition to being a key selling point for the Latin American independent scene, also functions as a forum and promotional tool through acoustic concerts that take place there. LRR is characterized by only editing vinyl records in all formats (12 “, 10”, 7 “and flexi discs), usually using artists from the Mexican and Colombian independent scene. In 2014 César founded La Roma Records Colombia in the city of Bogotá, a space that, like the CDMX store, has positioned itself as a forum for live band presentations. César is also organizer and promoter of shows in Mexico and Colombia. Since 2017 he has been in charge of the Record Store Day Mexico office. This office organizes and promotes 45 independent record stores throughout the country and its main mission is to disseminate and preserve the format of LP and record stores from a date with worldwide celebration.