Festival Marvin

Member of the Pata Negra Group, is in charge of the booking, diffusion and PR of the well-known hall of the same name located in Mexico City. Musician in charge of the incombustibles Carmen Costa and collaborator of artists of the level of AJ Dávila, Crocodiles or  Daniel Dale Johnston, this Argentinian resident in the country of tequila is co-director of the showcases festival Marvin CDMX (which also has a variant magazine ). The Marvin Festival looks like the Mexican replica of Monkey Week, an event where bands from different parts of the world are in charge of visualizing their music in spaces distributed throughout the city, within a professional environment with different parallel activities (round tables, cycles of cinema etc.). Not in vain, Marvin is currently a Latin American partner of Monkey Week, having programmed different Spanish bands during his last editions through this nexus of union with Spain. Manú is also responsible for the booking and management company Forastero Show & Media.