Music Supervisor

Bachelor of Law at the Complutense University of Madrid and CES Intellectual Property and Audiovisual Law, the career of Marta Crespo has always been linked to music from a 360 point of view. She has been Product Manager at record labels (EMI/UNIVERSAL), responsible for management and music consultancy and music supervisor in the advertising sector (McCann) and music business manager (Telefónica/Movistar). She is currently focused on the supervision and musical production in the audiovisual sector, where she combines her legal and musical knowledge and her passion for film and music. Some of the cinematographic productions in which he has worked are: Your Son (Apache Films), Who Will Sing You (Apache Films), Paquita Salas (Apache Films-Netflix), The Call (Apache Films), The Kiss (Cerocoma), Letters From Paul Morrissey (Dynamite Films), Toro (Apche Films), Look what you’ve done (Terrat-Movistar).