Ex Roxy Music

His name perfectly captures the ethos of an entire era: that of the vibrant, expressionist naughtiness of 70S glam rock. The son of a British father and Colombian mother, Phil Manzanera (London, 1955) was the guitarist of that sower of mass seduction called Roxy Music, one of the most charismatic and influential art-rock bands in the history of contemporary music, a satin and glitter stamp that left its mark on a broad spectrum of artists: Suede, Madness, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Sex Pistols and The Divine Comedy. An iconoclastic musician and a highly sought-after producer (Pink Floyd, Antonio Vega, Heroes del Silencio, Aterciopelados, David Gilmour, Gabinete Caligari), Manzanera will be in charge of kicking off the Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia Professional Conferences (Monkey Brain) with a public interview in which the former collaborator with Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno will give his take on the music industry, the world in which he has been active since he founded the progressive band Quiet Sun back in 1970, an exponent of the Canterbury sound and the trailblazer of a style that still delights new devotees.