Agencia Paramo

Journalist, music promoter and radio communicator, Philippe Siegenthaler is the booking responsible for Páramo Agency(, a union of the leading promoters of Latin American music T310 and Absent Papa Events. Under this heading he has been in charge of programming bands from inside and outside the country (Babasónicos, Carlos Sadness, The 1975, New Order, Foals, Calamaro, Flaming Lips, Slipknot Moderat or Slayer are some of his most recent productions) and festivals  like Jump Fest (focused on styles like dub and hip-hop), BAUM Festival (electronic music event this year featured iconoclasts such as Green Velvet or Dj Hell) or the Picnic Stereo Festival. Before joining this large holding of independent music, Philippe worked as a DJ and programmer in several Colombian radio stations such as Radiónica FM or Toxic FM.