Osborne and Gibson propose a wine and Rock and Roll pairing

The next June 3th, 4th and 5 th celebrates Vinoble in Jerez, the most important meeting in the world dedicated to generous, liqueur and sweet wines. The event is held every two years in the historical set of the Alcazar of the city of Cadiz and it will bring together professionals from the sector, true masters of wine, specialized press, producers and of course fans of the best wines. Within this initiative, Osborne (partner of Monkey Week Son Estrella Galicia since the beginning of the festival) has organized a wine tasting of Sherry and Rock and Roll where diverse musicians will be in charge of interpreting mythical themes of the history of Rock (AC / DC , Lenny Kravitz, Eric Clapton) with the first guitar in history made from the wood of an Osborne wine boot: The Gibson SG Toro. “This tasting and this project would not have existed without  Monkey Week Son Estrella Galicia, which was where the relationship between Osborne and the famous brand of electric guitars was created”, comments Iván Llanza, head of comunication at Osborne Group.