1. Object. 

This document regulates the participation in the exhibition circuit that will take place within the independent music show ALHAMBRA MONKEY WEEK, which will be held in Seville on November 18, 19, 20, 2021. It establishes the general conditions that regulate the participation of all those public or private entities (hereinafter, THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY) that represent the artists and bands that are going to intervene in ALHAMBRA Monkey Week  showcase circuit . 

  1. Organization

LA MOTA EDICIONES SOC. COOP. AND., With C.I.F. F-91334615 and address at c / Federico Rubio, 11, Local Bajo, 11500 – El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ). Thereafter, THE ORGANIZATION. 

  1. Confirmation of participation. 

In order to participate in the aforementioned circuit showcases, THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY must send the acceptance form, duly completed, for each of the artists or bands represented in all those sections that require it by indicating an asterisk. The confirmation and the form must be sent before August 15th, 2021. 

  1. Production 

The selected artists will maintain the control and decision-making capacity in relation to the artistic production of the show they are going to exhibit, without prejudice to the fact that they have to adapt to the physical characteristics of the venues in which the showcases circuit takes place. THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY will be responsible for its artists attending the exhibition providing all the instruments and technical material that are necessary to guarantee the diligent development of the musical exhibition. Notwithstanding the above, in order to streamline the continuous rotation of artists and ensure that each of them can enjoy unimpeded the time allocated, will remain fixed in different scenarios those technical elements that THE ORGANIZATION understands that can not be replaced for each exhibition due to lack of logistics viability. In this sense, THE ORGANIZATION will be in charge of providing the different stage spaces with sound equipment that adapts to the needs of the place, as well as a standard backline at the service of the different artists and bands that will be composed specifically of 2 guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier and a drum set. Beyond this standard backline, provided for all the scenic spaces, the artists or bands will have to provide the equipment, instruments or accessories they need for the development of their exhibition. In any case, during the preproduction THE ORGANIZATION will try to help with the artists needs and will assign a technician in charge of the equipment of each room. 

  1. Duration of exhibitions and line check. 

The musical exhibitions will take place in blocks or spaces of never more than 45 minutes. THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY will have a number of spaces according to the artists represented by it who have been selected to participate in the circuit. In relation to the previous sound test, only a line check lasting no longer than 25 minutes will be carried out. It is the responsibility of THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY to comply with this clause by its artist or band, the ORGANIZATION may take the appropriate measures in case of non-compliance, including suspensión or cancellation of the corresponding exhibition. THE ORGANIZATION will place a stage manager who will be responsible for the schedules being fulfilled. It is the stage manager’s criteria to manage showcase times. 

  1. Remuneration. 

The remuneration for THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY is TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS (€ 250) + VAT for each artist / band represented by it in the circuit of showcases, which will be reimbursed directly in concept of showcase fee (after issuing an invoice to THE ORGANIZATION). The payment will be made one month after the celebration of the event. THE ORGANIZATION will also offer a special accreditation for each of the artists and members of the selected bands, as well as a representative of THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY that will allow them access to all the theaters and stage spaces of the showcases circuit except for the inaugural concert . This accreditation also allows access to the Dice Monkey PRO 2021 Professional Conference. 

  1. Obligations of the Organization. 

THE ORGANIZATION is committed to communicate to the PARTICIPATING ENTITY the number of exhibitions assigned to each of its artists, indicating the specific data of the showcase’s program two months before the show. Likewise, THE ORGANIZATION is obliged to obtain all the permits, licenses and other documents required to hold the performance. It will also be the exclusive responsibility of THE ORGANIZATION the payment of the author’s rights accrued by said action, for which purpose it will have to carry out the appropriate procedures and payments before the GENERAL SOCIETY OF AUTHORS AND EDITORS OF SPAIN (SGAE) and before any other management entity collective rights that correspond. Finally, the ORGANIZATION will be responsible for insurance premiums, mandatory or voluntary, suspension, fire, civil liability, and all those necessary to deal with the hypothetical damage or injury that could suffer the artists or bands involved, the public attending the performance or others, when such damages or injuries were attributable to the promoter due to improvidence, negligence or breach of current regulations. 

In the event that THE ORGANIZATION is obliged to cancel the event, either in whole or in part, due to force majeure (this being understood as any circumstance that might occur after the publication of this Call, caused by unpredictable and unavoidable events such as natural and meteorological catastrophes, wars or health crises caused by any type of epidemic), it is exempt from any payment or considerations above mentioned, as well as any other claims for damages that might derive from such circumstances –leaving aside the possibility of a  hypothetical agreement between parts to celebrate the event in a different date-. Thus, each part will be individually responsible for the costs and damages derived from a possible suspensión or cancellation.

Notwithstanding the above, and in relation to COVID-19 health emergency, considering the possibility that any competent authority could establish a ban on the celebration of events, or even a recommendation to not celebrate it, THE ORGANIZATION could communicate to the PARTICIPATING ENTITY the cancellation in the same terms agreed in paragraph above.

  1. Relationship of THE ORGANIZATION with the artists.

THE ORGANIZATION is responsible for preparing and organizing the spaces and times for the correct exhibition of the artists of THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY, but in no case will it maintain any employment relationship with them. The registration in Social Security of the artists and  members of the bands will correspond solely and exclusively to THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY. The documentary accreditation of such end shall be made available to THE ORGANIZATION at least one day before the exhibition, constituting this an essential obligation on the part of THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY. 

  1. Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Image Rights. 

THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY grants express consent to THE ORGANIZATION to take photographs and record and / or broadcast videos of the different performances of its artists during the festival, assigning during one year the image rights, which previously have been assigned to the specific effects of the provisions of this clause. All this in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and one’s own image. The images and / or videos will be subsequently posted on the festival website or on their corporate profiles on social networks and will be used with the sole intention of promoting both the performance of the artists and the festival itself. Likewise, and for the exclusive purposes set forth above, THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY authorizes the posting and subsequent public communication of the performances of the artists and bands represented by it and on which it claims to have assigned the corresponding intellectual property rights as set out in the Text. Recast of the Intellectual Property Law. If it does not have total disposition on them, it will communicate this circumstance to THE ORGANIZATION and it will commit itself to carry out the opportune managements to obtain the pertinent authorizations. In the same way, THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY authorizes THE ORGANIZATION so that it can use the artistic names or brands of the artists and bands represented by that expressly with the purpose, previously stated, of promotion of the festival and of the performances themselves. 

  1. Acceptance of the bases and their clauses. 

THE PARTICIPATING ENTITY expressly and unconditionally accepts, in its own name and that of the artists it represents, the clauses described above. Likewise, THE ORGANIZATION reserves the right to demand, if necessary and additionally, the signature of a specific Direct Action Contract in which the conditions and circumstances described above are more fully set out.

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