What is Suntracks?

Suntracks emerged with the intention of connecting international music supervisors with the vast and rich catalog of popular and contemporary Spanish music.

As visiting music supervisors from Monkey Week, we invite you to participate in this activity, where you will be part of four thematic auditions in unique places around the city.

The auditions will be presented and curated by four prescribers from Spain’s music industry and will be open to other professionals of the Spanish music industry, whom you can meet, converse with, and perhaps even close sync a deal 😉


Sarah Tembeckjian (US)

Kelsey Mitchell (US)

Alison Moses (US)

Josh Lieb (US)

Hector Picard (FR)

Lucy Bright (UK)

Alison Manicourt (FR)

Michelle Johnson (US)

Martin Caraux (FR)

Shervin Hejazi (ES)


Thu23. 11:15 - 12:30

Session 1

Timeless Tunes: A Journey from Classics to Contemporary

Curated by Dani Llamas

Spanish popular music is brimming with legendary songs and musical moments that have become classic, enduring titles over the years. These songs have also served as lessons in emotional education in our lives. Beyond this illustrious past, our current music scene also boasts almost instantaneous anthems. But are all these songs known beyond our borders? Our curator, an ardent fan of the great composers of pop and rock in our country, will guide our international guests on a journey filled with hits from yesterday, today, and forever.

Meeting Point: 11:00. Sala Baja. Espacio Santa Clara.

Venue: Torre Don Fadrique

Thu23. 13:15 - 14:30

Session 2

Voltage Voyage: Exploring the Depths of Spanish Electronic Beats

Curated by Constan Sotoca (Radio 3) Alex Gara (Radio 3)

Delving into the electronic scene of a country, whatever it may be, always yields surprises. A genre so permeable, capable of approaching areas as diverse as pop or urban music, but also of recycling influences from folklore, tradition, and flamenco, offers us a vast ocean of possibilities. Our pair of curators, two of the most in-tune voices with contemporary music in our country, fearlessly and judiciously accept this challenge and gift us a journey full of unexpected twists and corners to discover, with stops in collaborations between artists and, of course, broken rhythms.

Meeting Point: 12:45. Sala Baja. Espacio Santa Clara.

Venue: La Bicicletería (C/ Feria, 36)

Thu23. 16:30 - 17:45

Session 3

Cult Cuts: A Deep Dive into Iconic Tracks

Curated by Carlos Pérez de Ziriza (Mondosonoro)

In any retrospective look at a country’s music, there is space for cult artists and songs. Names and titles that once escaped the mainstream or popular recognition, but that time (and fandom) has rightly placed in their deserved spot. Many of them also have the fascinating power to ignite the fuse for future movements, creating new scenes almost spontaneously or decisively influencing the trajectory of later artists. Our curator focuses on the disco genre, often as battered as it is ignored, to reveal a series of classics to be revered today.

Meeting Point: 12:45. Sala Baja. Espacio Santa Clara.

Venue: T11-Espacio Creativo. Antigua f  ábrica de sombreros Fernández y Roche. (C/ Heliotropo, 4)

Thu23. 18:15 - 19:30

Session 4

Tradition in Tunes: The Richness of Andalusian Folk Music

Curated by Fernando vacas

Few musical styles define the essence of a country as well as those that make up its folklore. After all, they are the foundations on which its cultural identity is built. A legacy passed from generation to generation, artists eventually take these as seeds for new creations. Our curator, an expert in the field, reviews various examples of southern tradition, compositions from the past and present that demonstrate the unequivocal weight of the Andalusian popular songbook in the history of Spanish music… and even beyond our borders. Flamenco and copla, of course, are fundamental icons.

Meeting Point: 17:45. Fábrica de Sombreros  (C/ Heliotropo,4)

Venue: El Garlochí (C/ Boteros, 26)


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