Since its inception in 2009, the Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia professional conferences have become not-to-be-missed events in the international music industry. Conceived as forums for debate and emerging as a driving force fostering alliances and business, Monkey Week PRO brings together more than 1,000 professionals from around the world each fall for a program as broad as it is informative. Round tables, conferences, public interviews, master classes, networking sessions and other activities comprise a meeting that has made the breadth of its features its greatest strength.

The last edition of Monkey Week Pro drew more than 1,400 participating professionals, 190 accredited journalists and 80 delegates from 30 different countries. These numbers illustrate not only its impact on the industry and the scenario in our country, but also its increasingly important international scope. Over the course of its eleven years, up until today, Monkey Week PRO has served as a link to Europe’s professional community, a feat illustrated through the active role played by INES (Innovation Network of European Showcases), the cooperative project undertaken in 2017 by eight international showcase festivals; and Gigmit, the European digital platform for the hiring of artists, which currently lists 20 partners in addition to the platform: Budapest Showcase Hub (Hungary), Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference (Poland), Focus Wales International Showcase Festival (UK), Kontakt (Serbia), Linecheck Music Meeting & Festival (Italy), Live At Heart (Sweden), Liverpool Sound City (UK), M4Music Festival, Conference & Demotape Clinic (Switzerland), Mastering The Music Business (Romania), Ment Ljubljana (Slovenia), Music Showcase Greece (Greece), Nouvelle Prague (Czech Republic), Nuremberg Pop Festival (Germany), Pin Music Conferenc e (Macedonia), Sharp Music Festival & Conference (Slovakia), Sonic Visions (Luxembourg), Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference (Austria), Westway Lab Festival (Portugal), What’s Next In Music? (Lithuania) and, of course, Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia (Spain).

But, if anything has characterized Monkey Week PRO in recent years, it is how it has successfully built bridges spanning the Old and New Worlds. Both the Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia festival and its professional conferences have become genuine meeting points for artists and professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. Promoters, festivals, management and booking agencies, digital distributors and, of course, musicians from all over Latin America attend the festival each year, which serves as a springboard for the Latin American industry and talent in Spain and Europe. In its latest editions Monkey Week Pro has served as a nexus with the European professional community behind initiatives such as the Marvin Festival, NRML, Altavoz Fest, Unirock, Rock Al Parque, Ciudad Emergente, Lollapalooza Argentina, Selvámonos and Estéreo Picnic, among many others; backed by companies such as Agencia Biche, La Roma Records, Criteria Entertainment, Páramo, Popart, Los Manejadores, Believe Digital and Sonido Ambiente, among others; and artists like Amanitas, Las Yumbeñas, Los Viejos, Quiero Club, Los Rolling Ruanas, The Kitsch, Combo Chavela, Turbo Sonidero, Carmen Costa, Dromedarios Mágicos, Verdor and many more.

In 2020, given the current situation generated by Covid-19, Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia is taking its 12th edition virtual. Thus, all the activities that make up the Monkey Week PRO conferences, rather than being held at their regular physical site, the Espacio Santa Clara in Seville, will be conducted online. From Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd November, a set at the Alameda Theater (Seville) will serve as a hub showcasing the different Monkey Week PRO features: round tables, conferences, interviews and debates will alternate on our screens, with numerous international guests participating, this time from their own places of origin. The entire program can be followed starting at 11:00 am (Spanish time) via the festival’s YouTube channel.

If you are a professional musician and want to attend and participate in this new Monkey Week PRO, you must fill out the form that you will find via this link and wait for us to get back to you.

Monkey Week PRO will once again function as a meeting point and forum for debate for the international music industry in 2020, turning its attention to hot topics today, like the much-discussed economic profitability of streaming, the thorny relationship between live music and cities as venues, and the role that media prescribers play in an era of playlists, clickbait and followers.


INES#session. Masterclass: Dissecting the digital dollar 

by Annabella Coldrick-Ford (MMF UK)

The complex tangle of the music market, even more in the times of streaming, may never become transparent to artists, creators and their management teams. This masterclass goes deep into the intricacies of digital music, rights and revenues, it brings much needed clarity and it explains how money flows through the system. A collaboration between the Music Managers Forum and music business consultancy CMU Insights, ‘Dissecting the digital dollar’ is a project, now in its fifth year, that has become one of the most comprehensive overviews of the often confusing streaming market and the place of artists and music-makers within it. Follow the money!


INES#session. Guess who’s coming to play?

A conversation with Bob Van Heur (Le Guess Who?)

Le Guess Who? is one of our favourite festivals in the world. It is a city-wide celebration of global sounds that focuses on artists that feel the urge to explore and expand the boundaries of certain genres. The festival features non-western sounds, jazz, folk, ambient, drone, avant-garde, modern composed, as well as contemporary pop and rock culture, and many blended forms of these genres, and it has guest curators such as Fatoumata Diawara, Devendra Banhart, Savages or Swans’ Michael Gira. We will speak with Bob Van Heur, the founder and artistic director, about the history and trajectory of the festival.

TUESDAY NOV. 17TH – 12.15pm CET

Fundación SGAE. Solo para tus ojos (y oídos). Un encuentro con Music Supervisors (panel only for Spanish speakers)

con Carmen Rodríguez (BMG) / Herminio Gutiérrez / Alex Menck (Air Lumière)

La función del supervisor musical siempre ha sido importantísima, tanto a nivel artístico como a nivel de negocio para la industria musical. Más aún, con la reciente  proliferación de plataformas de VOD y el aumento en el consumo y por lo tanto en la producción de series y películas. Pero su figura y su funcionamiento siguen siendo grandes desconocidos. ¿En qué consiste exactamente el trabajo de un supervisor musical? ¿Cómo selecciona la música? ¿Dónde la busca? ¿Pasa más tiempo seleccionando canciones bonitas (el sueño de cualquier melómano) o revisando contratos y recabando licencias de derechos? Estas personas seleccionan la música que luego hará que una escena determinada se quede para siempre en nuestras retinas. Vamos a escuchar cómo lo hacen.


INES#session. Bandcamp: in it for the artist

by Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)

With the consolidation of streaming as the main way of music consumption, Bandcamp has proved to be one of the best and most beloved platforms for musicians, indie labels and the indie/DIY scene in the current context. Considered to be one the fairest in the market, the pandemic has seen many established acts and bigger labels turn to it as well, taking advantage of its reach and the business opportunities the platform brings to the table. On this session, Label & Artist Representative for the EU, will give some key advice on how to make the most of the platform.


INES#session. Wakin’ up in a city that doesn’t sleep. The necessary relationship between cities and music

with Azucena Micó (Sound Diplomacy) / Merlijn Poolman (Night Mayor Groningen) / Lena Ingwersen (Music Cities Network) / Paulina Ahokas (Tampere Hall)

We at Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia are very proud to have turned Sevilla (and El Puerto de Santa María, before that) into a City of Music every year; a city where the music fills the streets, squares, venues and theaters. Music is a very important part of the cultural fabric of a community, and if it is incorporated in policy it definitely helps improving our communities. It can be a revenue stream, too, and when successful, it drives growth across a variety of sectors, from film to fashion, education to logistics. Not to mention tourism, of course. Cities are paying more attention to their music, culture and night time economies. A dozen new ‘Night Mayor’ posts have emerged over the last few years and music offices are growing globally, being incorporated into both economic development and tourism departments around the world. We will talk about these and other related ideas with a great set of experts in the subject.


INES#session. Free Speech Matters. Or it doesn’t?

with Billy Bragg and Eduardo Jordà

Freedom of expression is a basic human right. Without free speech, democracy is not possible. However, it would seem some people use it as an excuse to be rude or promote hate. But where is the line? Should we prioritise accountability over free speech? Billy Bragg, with a long career of fighting for social justice, thinks that when reason, respect and responsibility are all under threat, accountability offers us a better foundation on which to build a cohesive society, one where everyone feels that their voice is heard. On the other hand, Eduardo Jordà (writer, poet, translator of Salter and Conrad into Spanish) thinks the very foundations of our civilization are at stake if we compromise our freedom of expression. Prepare for a respectful, yet surely confrontational, debate between these two great minds.


INES#session. Yamaha Masterclass: Techniques for streaming live music from home

by Andy Cooper (Yamaha)

In this seminar, Andy Cooper, from Yamaha Research & Development, will provide tips, techniques and a list of equipment to get started with live streaming from your home. Whether you sing, play acoustic, electric, electronic or virtual instruments, live streaming is where you can reach your biggest audience. Find out how to make a high quality sound on a low budget.

THURSDAY NOV. 19TH – 11.00am CET

INES#session. Spotlighting in times of Spotify: Did the algorithm kill music criticism?

with Richard Foster (The Quietus) / Paul Bridgewater (TLOBF) / Cynthia Flores (Indie Rocks!) / Ruben van Dijk (Front) / Víctor Lenore (Vozpópuli)

We have heard voices claim the music press is unnecessary, for a long time now. Playlists seem to be the new discovery tool for music fans, and since we can listen to a record before we buy it, many wonder if music reviews are useful anymore. But with 40,000 new songs added daily to the streaming platforms, we all need a filter we can trust. Is that filter a playlist, run by an algorithm, or is it still relevant to trust certain media or writers to prescribe the music that deserves to be heard? What is the role of the music press in this new digital world? And, in a world of free streams and digital marketing campaigns, how can it be financially worth it to keep writing about music? We will talk about all this with representatives of current music sites that still manage to stay relevant and influential.

THURSDAY NOV. 19TH – 12.15pm CET

INES#session. We can do it! Parity in line ups

with Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool) and Alex Bruford (ATC Live) / Moderator: Gustavo Iglesias (Radio 3)

As it happens in so many other fields, women have been historically under-represented in music festival line-ups. Initiatives like Keychange are pushing very strongly to change this in the shortest possible time to make the scene fairer and healthier, encouraging festivals, conferences, music organisations and institutions to sign a pledge to include at least 50% women and under-represented genders in their programming, staffing and beyond by 2022. It is a just fight. But, if the aim is to sell tickets, is it realistic? Many of the biggest selling pop stars in the world are women, shouldn’t they be headlining the festivals? On the other hand, with all the festivals there are in the world, are there enough female headliners? On this talk we will confront two different visions by two major players in the market: Cindy books one of the biggest festivals in Europe and knows first-hand the hardships of trying to book an equal line-up; Alex is the director of one of the best booking agencies in Europe, who have just signed the Keychange pledge and believes strongly in it. It will be a fascinating conversation, no doubt.


AIE. Nuevos retos y oportunidades para los artistas

con Elena Barroso (AIE) / Luis Mendo (AIE) / Sergio Ramos (Rule Eleven) (panel only for Spanish speakers)

AIE contará la experiencia en primera persona de sus acciones para paliar la grave situación de este colectivo. El contacto estrecho con los artistas nos da una visión privilegiada sobre lo que demandan y nos permite orientar nuestras políticas y acciones a la búsqueda de soluciones para los mismos. También nos permite conocer hacia donde se dirige el negocio y la importancia que el entorno digital tendrá en el mismo. Y aquí entra la tecnología y las herramientas en las que estamos trabajando, para ayudar a los artistas a maximizar sus derechos en ese nuevo entorno.

FRIDAY NOV. 20th – 11.00am CET

INES#session. A duophonic odissey and other adventures beyond Stereolab

A conversation with Laetitia Sadier

We will spend one hour with Laetitia Sadier, an artist that’s hugely influential to so many people in the current independent scene. She sang and played keyboards in Stereolab, and she wrote most of the lyrics of the band. Their influence is enormous, musically, aesthetically and politically: they discovered French New Wave, German kraut-rock, Brazilian bossanova, American easy-listening and political Marxism and Situationism (among many other references) to a whole generation, and created a repertoire that still sounds as modern and timeless as when it was created. She has kept working in her brilliant solo career and has collaborated with people like Bradford Cox and Tyler, the Creator. There is so much we want to know from her, a sixty minutes conversation may be too short!

FRIDAY NOV. 20th – 12.15pm CET

GPS. 10 años de Girando Por Salas. 10 años apoyando nueva música

con Alice Wonder / Rayden / Juanma Cantos (GPS – Girando Por Salas) (panel only for Spanish speakers)

Se celebran diez años de la puesta en marcha de Girando Por Salas GPS, Circuito de Músicas Populares concebido para la promoción de las músicas actuales, facilitar a los artistas emergentes un circuito de conciertos y salas más allá de su propia comunidad autónoma y potenciar a la música en directo. Está patrocinado por el Instituto de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte y cuenta con la colaboración de la Federación Coordinadora del Circuito de Músicas Populares, formada por las asociaciones profesionales del sector de la música: ACCES, APM, ARC, ARTE, MUSICAT, PROMUSICAE y UFI. Actualmente se está desarrollando la décima edición, GPS10, y próximamente se lanzará la convocatoria para GPS11.

FRIDAY NOV. 20th – 1.45pm CET

INES#session. A conversation about: Streaming, today. And undoubtedly, tomorrow.

with Cherie Hu and Damon Krukowski

For this one we have joined two of the best minds we could have dreamt of: Cherie Hu is the brightest music and tech writer of the last few years, with a great eye to catch the trends and developments that will dominate the music business in the years to come; and Damon Krukowski is, apart from an indie-rock legend, a renowned thinker and communicator who has dedicated his time to reflect about the aesthetics of sound, the dichotomy between digital vs analogue and the strengths and flaws of the different streaming channels. This will be a fascinating conversation for artists, music industry peers and general public alike.

FRIDAY NOV. 20th – 6pm CET



Operating Director / Partner / Label Co Director La Roma Records Mexico.


Cultural manager, stage producer and editor of multimedia projects. Director of the


After 10 years touring internationally as an artist, Alex Bruford started work


Billy Bragg has been a fearless recording artist, tireless live performer and


Aly Gillani is the European Label Rep for Bandcamp, a thriving, global


Bob Van Heur is the founder and artistic director for the international


After graduating in Law at the University of Oviedo and with a


Journalist with studies in graphic design. For 14 years she has been


Eduardo Jordá (Palma de Mallorca, 1956) has written a little of everything:


Elena Barroso has a degree in Law and Political Science from the


Journalist with more than 20 years of experience in the written press,


Juan Antonio Agudelo is head of the Cultural Extension area of ​​the


Laetitia Sadier is a founding member of Stereolab, the band have released


Rene Contreras has been booking shows since he was fourteen years old


Lalo Rojas is the founder of Caballeros, aTw platform dedicated to the


Cultural manager. Partner, PR & Label Manager of La Roma Records Colombia.


Ruben van Dijk, one of the co-founders of Front, is 23 and


1979 – 1988: CO-founder venue / youth centre  ‘Debarak’ in Zutphen, The


Sergio Ramos has a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Ph.D.


Juanma Cantos is Coordinator of Girando Por Salas GPS. A training engineer


Luis Mendo is VicePresident of AIE, Head of the Assistance and Cultural


The labels don’t go with Rayden. Thus, this multidisciplinary artist has stood


Firekid (Infarto Produccciones / BMG) is the debut album by Alice Wonder,


Alex Menck is an experienced music supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in


Herminio Gutiérrez is Musical Supervisor of more than 80 feature films, among


Paulina Ahokas is a firm influencer and a pioneer of Finnish cultural


Manager and booker, Cindy Castillo has developed the careers of multiple artists during


Over the last three decades, singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Gary Louris


John Agnello (born c. 1959) is an American producer, recording engineer and mixer


Andy Cooper joined the Yamaha R&D Center in London in 1999 and holds the position

MERLIJN POOLMAN (NL) Night Major of Groningen

He started his career organizing concerts and tours of heavy metal artists,


She started his career at Weber Shandwick | D&E as head of institutional communication,


Annabella Coldrick joined the UK Music Managers Forum in January 2016. MMF is the world’s largest professional

MANÚ CHARRITTON (MX) Festival Marvin / Forastero

Manú arrived from Buenos Aires to the Mexican Caribbean in 2003, invited to

CHERIE HU (US) Water & Music

Cherie Hu is an award-winning writer and researcher whose work focuses on

Damon Krukowski (US) Galaxie 500 / Ways of Hearing

Damon Krukowski is a musician (Damon & Naomi, Galaxie 500), writer (The


Richard Foster is a writer, artist and music journalist based in the

LENA INGWERSEN (DE) Music Cities Network

Being rooted in Hamburg’s culture & music scene for more than ten


Co-founder of  Selvámonos Festival of Peru. He is responsible for the artistic


Economist, director of the Ra La Culebra Corporation (RACORP) in charge of Festival

AZUCENA MICÓ (ES) Sound Diplomacy

Azucena holds two MA’s from the University of Barcelona, one in Cultural