Firekid (Infarto Produccciones / BMG) is the debut album by Alice Wonder, a true supernova that is giving voice to a whole generation that, even in the sea of ​​doubts according to their age, has an innate talent ready to burn the world.

Raised in the traditional neighborhood of Chamberí with the school in front of her house, she turns her room into a place of recreation to escape with her toys, the instruments of her musical parents, thus turning her refuge into a small island within her bustling neighborhood. Armed with her piano and her guitar, she learns in an environment where music is always present (her father is a professional drummer, her mother sings) the ins and outs of the root sounds that will appear later in her songs, that influence is centered on the jazz, blues, and especially soul in which his deep voice is wrapped like a glove. With her older sister’s records came the love for that new batch of indie rock from the end of the nineties, and it is in that sound fusion where she frames what she calls what she does, emotional music, the only one that interests her, the that goes straight to the heart.