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Drawing from hip-hop, pop, flamenco, punk, ambient and reggaeton, Bronquio’s audio-visual production has been unstoppable now for several years. Regularly joined by his tireless partner-in-crime 41V1L, his is a career on the rise that includes his own tracks, some famous collaborations (with the likes of Pablo Peña, from Pony Bravo, Esteban & Manuel, Le Parody, Vera Fauna, Carlangas de Novedades Carminha), surprising remixes (Favx, Quentin Gas, Rocío Márquez, Camellos) and much-applauded musical makeovers that have penetrated both the heart of the Spanish talent OT followers and the fans of that authentic, spontaneous, spur-of-the moment flamenco dubbed garrapatero. #electronica