Spain Live Music

The association for the promotion of musical tourism in Spain, Spain Live Music, is the forum from which entities and companies in the tourism and live music sector in Spain contribute to the development of the offer of this sector and the promotion of the image of Spain as a tourist destination. The objectives of this association in which David Mora exercises Product Manager are: to promote a strategic plan of the musical tourism in our country and to promote the public-private cooperation between the different agents of the touristic and musical sectors to improve the positioning of Spain as a cultural and creative destination and contribute to the renewal of strategies for the development and promotion of cultural tourism. At the academic level, after becoming a TEAT from the University of Deusto and taking the Master’s in European Tourism Management from the University of Bournemouth, David has worked in different consultancy and tourist advice companies (Consultur, CETT, Antar, Cegos), thus forming part of equipment and tourist development projects of great interest. He has also directed several professional tourism blog projects (Contando Ovejas y Visiones del Turismo).