Economist, director of the Ra La Culebra Corporation (RACORP) in charge of Festival Internacional Unirock Alternativo (FIURA)“Unirock en Rio Cali”  and  “Premios Culebra a la música de la región “. He stands out as one of the most recognized music managers in the Colombian Southwest. He has participated as a Jury in the Ibagué Ciudad Rock, Popayán Sonora and Altavoz Internacional festivals. He has been a guest speaker at the MUPA Festival (Panama), Sancocho Fest (Tuluá) and at the Pacific Music Market, on the topics of Circulation of independent groups and Strategic Situational Planning for Cultural projects.
Actively participates in the business rounds of Bomm (Bogotá), Circulart (Medellín), MMP (Cali), Festival Marvin (Mexico) Rock al Parque (Bogotá), BIME (Bilbao- Esp), Monkey Week (Seville- Esp) and the Sped Meetings of the Altavoz Festival (Medellin).
He has an open-door vision to generate musical circulation, seeking the development of groups not only in the South West, but throughout Colombia, this vision has led him to generate alliances that allow Vallecaucano talent to be catapulted all over the planet.