Festival Marvin / Forastero

Manú arrived from Buenos Aires to the Mexican Caribbean in 2003, invited to play with a music project formed in his native Argentina. In 2005, CDMX became his residence from where a new chameleonic rock band, Carmen Costa, begins, with which he has released four albums and ten tours of Europe, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. In 2008 he founded Forastero Shows & Media, a company with which he carries out his booking, production and public relations work, which includes among his activities having created, together with Cecilia Velasco, the Marvin Festival. From his agency, he performs a large part of the festival and organizes tours in Mexico for international artists like !!! (Chk Chk Chk), The Rapture or The Juan MacLean, among others. His latest creation is called Rey Sur, a new musical event that will take place in Buenos Aires. His more than fifteen years of activity place Manú as a prominent international agent based in Mexico.