Night Major of Groningen

He started his career organizing concerts and tours of heavy metal artists, but after founding a nightclub -Subsonic, in Groningen- in 2011, he became more and more involved in dance music. Since 2018 it has been the Night Major of Groningen and, as such, it is the link between the government, the owners of clubs and discos, and -most importantly- the clients themselves. As the leader of the Groningen Night Council, a member of the Dutch Popcoalitie -advisory council to the Government- and a founding member of the European Music Council, Merljin loves to find a balance between the formal realm of politics and the underground music culture to which he belongs. After regularly visiting China on cultural exchange trips, Merlijn organized the Ying Yang festival, held on the Great Wall, and is currently CEO of Gateway to China, a service that provides Chinese social media accounts and content creation to Western artists. In addition and from the Netherlands itself with the newly formed Cosimo Foundation, it seeks to raise more funds for cultural projects and create matches with the business world.