Sara Does PR

She started his career at Weber Shandwick | D&E as head of institutional communication, strategic communication and crisis management for brands such as Imaginarium, Nestlé and Prime Drinks, among others. From 2008 to 2010 he lived in London where he was responsible for public relations, corporate and strategic communication for an investment firm. Since his return to Portugal in 2010, he has worked in the area of ​​public relations, promotion and strategic communication for national and international musicians and bands, as well as for national events and festivals. Examples of artists are Carlão, Expensive Soul, Jimmy P, GNR, Mick Harvey (Australia), Nastio Mosquito (Angola), Black Ear, and The Gift, among many others. Regarding events, he is responsible for the international press office of the Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste festivals and, at the national level, for the communication of events such as Guitarras ao Alto, Sonicblast Moledo, and Film Symphony Orchestra (Spain), among much others.