Vicente Miras (ES)


At age eight he began piano studies at the conservatory and at sixteen he started playing the electric bass. In 1999 he moved to Madrid with the Guaraná band, with whom he recorded two albums with Sony Music Entertainment. In 2005 he began to compose and produce music for advertising, having today more than fifty television advertising campaigns, in addition to many other radio, film and internet. He has participated in the BSO of numerous feature films and television series such as’ Gigantes’, ‘Isabel’, ‘Gran Reserva’, ‘Los Misterios de Laura’, ‘Hispania’, ‘Bajo Sospecha’, ‘Tini: The great change of Violeta ‘,’ Captain Koblic ‘and a long etc. Bronze medal 2018 and 2019 at the California Global Music Awards for the BSO of the short films ‘NEVADA’ and ‘FLORA’ by Javier Kühn. Gold Award at the PROMAX EUROPE AWARDS 2019 for the Sound Design of the spot ‘Brain Solstice’ of Dark TV (AMC Networks International Southern Europe). He currently works at Movistar Music Publisher as License Sync Manager and Music Supervisor.