Víctor Lenore (ES)


Víctor Lenore is a music journalist on the Vozpópuli website. He has published articles in El Confidencial, El País, La Razón, Rolling Stone, Playground, Minerva and Ladinamo, among other jorunals. He is the author of two books that provoked a strong debate in the cultural press: ‘Indies, Hipsters and Gafapastas. Chronicle of a cultural domination ‘(2014) and’ Spectra of the move. Why hate the eighties’ (2018). He has also worked as a screenwriter on the television program Mapa Sonoro (TVE2) and director of the Cara B book collection, dedicated to analyzing classical albums of Spanish popular music. He was in charge of the musical part of the collective book CT o la Cultura de la Transición. Crítica a 35 años de cultura española (2012).